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Welcome to Ontario Termite & Pest Solutions. We offer termite control for the Ontario  area and understand how important termite control can be. Termites eat up our investment when they enter our home. Are they destroying your structure right now?

Termites live very cryptic lifestyles; they hide very well and they’re difficult to see. Subterranean termites will make colonies outside the home in the ground. The colonies can travel from their home in the ground to your home all through underground tunnels.

Formosan or drywood termites can make colonies inside the walls of your home. These types of termites can be hard to identify because they don’t have to leave the wall for any reason but we can’t easily see them to determine they’re actually there.

So how can you determine if you have termites on your property? One of the easiest and most common ways to find out if there are termites in the house is by noticing swarmers. Depending upon the termite species they’re going to reproduce and try to spread their colonies during different times of the year. April is a popular month for swarmers and is when we receive many calls of active swarms.

So you might notice termites coming out of the opening around your sliding glass doors. Next thing you know there are winged termites swarming all over the place. That’s a pretty good indication that you possibly have a termite colony somewhere associated with your home and that is how most people learn they have termites.

Detection systems and baiting systems can also help determine if termites are present. These are placed around the house and termites will chew on the wood inside the baiting system which will help us learn about any active termites in or near your home.

Beyond that, when it comes to subterranean termites they typically make mud tubes up the side of the construction. So if you go walk around your home and see small dry tubes going up the bottom of the foundation to the home that’s actually a probably termite tube from the subterranean termite.

It protects them from the dry air, keeping them moist inside the tube. If you notice a tube like this contact Ontario Termite & Pest Solutions right away so we can determine if they are in fact termite tubes. In terms of drywood termites that live in the wall you might notice a hole where the termites are entering and exiting the wall. Then you’ll see frass or fecal material just below the hole in the wall. This can be hard to identify on your own.

If you suspect a termite problem just give Ontario Termite & Pest Solutions a call at (909) 906-9238 today. We can ease your concerns and help you identify the exact pest giving you problems at your home or business. Don’t spend money treating a pest that you don’t even have. Let our Ontario pest experts help you accurately identify the issue and treat it for you.

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