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Rats are dirty – they spread disease. They gnaw on everything like the wiring in your house and car to your favorite furniture. they’ll eat everything we or our pets leave and things we wouldn’t even dream of eating. Welcome to Ontario Pest Control.

One of the rats you find could be ancestors of 1,000 rats in less than 18 months. It’s the roof rat or tree rat that’s mostly encountered in urban areas of southern California. they leave in the tress, thick brush and plantings all around the ground, including tall grass. Any place with thick cover is where the rats will be.

If you see rats in the evening hours it means you have more than 50 nearby. If you see one in the daytime it means hundreds are in the area. Rats have teeth that gnaw through lead pipe so if they want to get in your house you have zero chance of keeping them out.

When a female rat is going to have babies she needs a place to hide them when large population of rats are around. when she leaves her nest to find food other rats kill the babies. they don’t want the competition for food later when they grow up. so she goes where other rats don’t wanna go. your home.

Ontario pest control will manage the population of the rats in your home. We aim to draw the rats out of your home and will decrease the population. frawn pockets are perfect places for rats to live and spend time, eating on the pods for seeds. If you want successful rodent control call Ontario pest control today – call us now!

When the weather begins to cool the mice will begin to seek shelter. They will chew everything in your house; bills, paper, toilet paper and whatever they can find to make your nest. Typical nests are 6 inches in diameter. The common house mouse usually has between 5 and 6 babies at a time.

Takes about 3 weeks before babies start growing their hair which can help you identify how old they are should you come across babies. The typical house mouse, within 3 weeks of growing their hair they’ll start moving from the nest and feeding for the first time.

Within about 6-10 weeks they are fully mature and ready to start having babies themselves. Baiting is the best way to get rid of mice. Baiting for mice includes placing bait in the attic, crawl spaces. We understand your pets and children are a concern as well so we ensure that baiting systems are places where mice travel but where your pets and children cannot access.

Mice will travel usually about a 30 foot diameter so it can fairly easy to trail them and track down their typical trial. Once we’ve discovered the areas they are frequently traveling we can begin the baiting process. If you have more questions on our rodent control solutions please ask when you call (909) 906-9238 to schedule your appointment.

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