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Fleas are the most common pests that cats and dogs encounter. These blood-sucking parasites live in our yards, in our homes and on our pets. Although partial to cats and dogs, fleas also bite humans. Fleas have large hind legs that allow them to jump onto their hosts. They can jump up to 7 inches vertically and 13 inches horizontally.

Their hairy legs and bodies help them cling to an animal’s fur. The flea’s diet consists entirely of blood. When a flea bites an animal, its saliva causes irritation and itching. Fleas can cause anemia in kittens and puppies. They can also transmit tapeworms and bacteria that can cause serious diseases. A female flea needs blood to produce eggs. She can lay up to 50 eggs a day. Flea eggs fall off the animal into the surrounding environment; your carpeting, bedding, furniture, etc.

Flea feces called flea dirt is essentially dried blood. It also falls off the host animal. Within 2-5 days the eggs begin hatching into larvae. These whitish-worm-like creatures prefer damp dark places. And their bristly hairs help them attach to carpet and furniture fibers. The larvae feed on the flea feces and other debris.

After about a week a larvae begins spinning a cocoon in which it pupates. The pupae fully develops in 5-8 days but the flea may not emerge for months if environmental conditions are not just right. While it is in the cocoon, the flea is obviously protected from cold, dryness and even insecticides. When a flea senses a nearby host it emerges from the cocoon hungry for blood and the cycle begins again. The entire life cycle can be as short as 12-14 days.

Eliminating Ontario Fleas

The number one thing to do is to determine where the fleas are. Are they inside, outside, on our pet, or on our person? All of these ways may have different control and methods applied. For pets you can have your vet dip the pet for fleas to kill any current fleas or use a collar or another medication to remove the fleas from your pets. This is important if your home is infested with fleas.

If the fleas are inside your home we can treat it using products aimed to kill the eggs and adult fleas. For fleas in the yard we typically use a different product. We make sure to target areas your pet frequently uses outside as well as around shrubs and other plants. We encourage you to vacuum your home if you’ve discovered a flea infestation even if you’re scheduling service for flea treatment. It’s a start to getting rid of any eggs in the carpet as well as adult fleas that happen to be exposed while you’re vacuuming.

Warmer weather motivates many pests to emerge, such as fleas. Fleas don’t look like much. They are tiny and seem harmless. However, given the chance these little monsters can cause severe distress and very bad allergies for your pets; including distress for you.

Fleas reproduce very quickly. You may only see a couple on your pet but those couple fleas can turn into thousands of fleas within a month. They’re also capable of carrying some very serious diseases and other parasites into your home. So how can you stop them?

Understanding a flea’s life cycle is where you learn where to attack the flea. This is one of the most important steps when treating for fleas. The first thing you need to know is that the fleas you see in your house are only about 5% of the total fleas in your home.

Attack the fleas where they live; on your pets and in your home. You take care of treating your pets and we take care of treating your home. We will come assess the infestation and then provide a treatment. However, we cannot stress enough how important it is that you treat your pet too if you want to completely get rid of the fleas. If you don’t have pets and you acquired them from a visiting animal or similar situation, then you may have better luck getting rid of them.

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