Rat and Rodent Control Ontario

Rats are dirty – they spread disease. They gnaw on everything like the wiring in your house and car to your favorite furniture. they’ll eat everything we or our pets leave and things we wouldn’t even dream of eating. Welcome to Ontario Pest Control.

One of the rats you find could be ancestors of 1,000 rats in less than 18 months. It’s the roof rat or tree rat that’s mostly encountered in urban areas of southern California. they leave in the tress, thick brush and plantings all around the ground, including tall grass. Any place with thick cover is where the rats will be.

If you see rats in the evening hours it means you have more than 50 nearby. If you see one in the daytime it means hundreds are in the area. Rats have teeth that gnaw through lead pipe so if they want to get in your house you have zero chance of keeping them out.

When a female rat is going to have babies she needs a place to hide them when large population of rats are around. when she leaves her nest to find food other rats kill the babies. they don’t want the competition for food later when they grow up. so she goes where other rats don’t wanna go. your home.

Ontario pest control will manage the population of the rats in your home. We aim to draw the rats out of your home and will decrease the population. frawn pockets are perfect places for rats to live and spend time, eating on the pods for seeds. If you want successful rodent control call Ontario pest control today – call us now!

When the weather begins to cool the mice will begin to seek shelter. They will chew everything in your house; bills, paper, toilet paper and whatever they can find to make your nest. Typical nests are 6 inches in diameter. The common house mouse usually has between 5 and 6 babies at a time.

Takes about 3 weeks before babies start growing their hair which can help you identify how old they are should you come across babies. The typical house mouse, within 3 weeks of growing their hair they’ll start moving from the nest and feeding for the first time.

Within about 6-10 weeks they are fully mature and ready to start having babies themselves. Baiting is the best way to get rid of mice. Baiting for mice includes placing bait in the attic, crawl spaces. We understand your pets and children are a concern as well so we ensure that baiting systems are places where mice travel but where your pets and children cannot access.

Mice will travel usually about a 30 foot diameter so it can fairly easy to trail them and track down their typical trial. Once we’ve discovered the areas they are frequently traveling we can begin the baiting process. If you have more questions on our rodent control solutions please ask when you call (909) 906-9238 to schedule your appointment.

Flea Control Ontario

Fleas are the most common pests that cats and dogs encounter. These blood-sucking parasites live in our yards, in our homes and on our pets. Although partial to cats and dogs, fleas also bite humans. Fleas have large hind legs that allow them to jump onto their hosts. They can jump up to 7 inches vertically and 13 inches horizontally.

Their hairy legs and bodies help them cling to an animal’s fur. The flea’s diet consists entirely of blood. When a flea bites an animal, its saliva causes irritation and itching. Fleas can cause anemia in kittens and puppies. They can also transmit tapeworms and bacteria that can cause serious diseases. A female flea needs blood to produce eggs. She can lay up to 50 eggs a day. Flea eggs fall off the animal into the surrounding environment; your carpeting, bedding, furniture, etc.

Flea feces called flea dirt is essentially dried blood. It also falls off the host animal. Within 2-5 days the eggs begin hatching into larvae. These whitish-worm-like creatures prefer damp dark places. And their bristly hairs help them attach to carpet and furniture fibers. The larvae feed on the flea feces and other debris.

After about a week a larvae begins spinning a cocoon in which it pupates. The pupae fully develops in 5-8 days but the flea may not emerge for months if environmental conditions are not just right. While it is in the cocoon, the flea is obviously protected from cold, dryness and even insecticides. When a flea senses a nearby host it emerges from the cocoon hungry for blood and the cycle begins again. The entire life cycle can be as short as 12-14 days.

Eliminating Ontario Fleas

The number one thing to do is to determine where the fleas are. Are they inside, outside, on our pet, or on our person? All of these ways may have different control and methods applied. For pets you can have your vet dip the pet for fleas to kill any current fleas or use a collar or another medication to remove the fleas from your pets. This is important if your home is infested with fleas.

If the fleas are inside your home we can treat it using products aimed to kill the eggs and adult fleas. For fleas in the yard we typically use a different product. We make sure to target areas your pet frequently uses outside as well as around shrubs and other plants. We encourage you to vacuum your home if you’ve discovered a flea infestation even if you’re scheduling service for flea treatment. It’s a start to getting rid of any eggs in the carpet as well as adult fleas that happen to be exposed while you’re vacuuming.

Warmer weather motivates many pests to emerge, such as fleas. Fleas don’t look like much. They are tiny and seem harmless. However, given the chance these little monsters can cause severe distress and very bad allergies for your pets; including distress for you.

Fleas reproduce very quickly. You may only see a couple on your pet but those couple fleas can turn into thousands of fleas within a month. They’re also capable of carrying some very serious diseases and other parasites into your home. So how can you stop them?

Understanding a flea’s life cycle is where you learn where to attack the flea. This is one of the most important steps when treating for fleas. The first thing you need to know is that the fleas you see in your house are only about 5% of the total fleas in your home.

Attack the fleas where they live; on your pets and in your home. You take care of treating your pets and we take care of treating your home. We will come assess the infestation and then provide a treatment. However, we cannot stress enough how important it is that you treat your pet too if you want to completely get rid of the fleas. If you don’t have pets and you acquired them from a visiting animal or similar situation, then you may have better luck getting rid of them.

Call Ontario Termite & Pest Solutions today at (909) 906-9238 to learn more about our flea control services and just how we can protect you from these biting pests.

Cockroach Control Ontario

Welcome to Ontario Termite & Pest Solutions. We service the Ontario area. Getting rid of roaches in the home can be a hassle. Before we discuss cockroaches further here are a few things to remember:

  • Always have a good inspection
  • Always check around the dishwasher, refrigerator, oven areas as well as inside of any drawers in the house, especially the kitchen and under the sink.
  • Look for roach droppings. They appear in the form of pepper and will be all over the place. In your cabinets; inside and outside.

When we inspect the area you’ve seen activity we look through every crevice and corner. We can then apply a treatment to the edges and corners of the area to ensure maximum coverage to prevent cockroaches from returning. We use effective methods to reach areas that aren’t easily accessible to ensure we get every inch of your home possible. Depending on the severity or problems that may arise our treatment method will vary.

Getting Rid of Cockroaches

Few insects cause as much concern and distress as cockroaches. And when they do finally get into your property you often don’t know you have them until you have loads of them. In today’s properties, especially in connected homes, one home can get roaches and then the remaining homes end up with them as well. Next thing you know there are thousands of them on the property and everyone has to deal with them. You can avoid this by taking action at the first sign of cockroaches. Call Ontario Termite & Pest Solutions today if you’ve discovered a cockroach in your home or business.

You don’t typically see them during the day, even though they might be up to 1 cm to 2cm long, during the daytime they hide around door frames, hinges, in clocks and behind televisions and refrigerators as well as other large appliances.

With the German cockroach the egg case contains up to 40 babies. Now they don’t’ go through the normal life cycle as other insects which is egg, larva, pupa, adult. Their cycle is egg, baby, adult, the size of a pin head. They will hide in every crack and crevice.

They can convert anything that is animal or vegetable food so you need to make sure that your house is properly cleaned and on a regular basis. Ontario Termite & Pest Solutions offers a variety of treatments to suit our customer’s needs.

Treating Cockroaches

To start with you can try typical household sprays targeted for removing cockroaches. Spray every crack and crevice you can find that isn’t easily accessible by hand or other means.

However, if your problem keeps occurring it’s suggesting a re-infestation coming from other properties. And that’s when you need a professional pest control company to come out and take care of the cockroaches for you. The severity of the infestation will determine just how well a home-treatment may work. Sometimes you will save more money by calling an Ontario roach control expert.

Should you be interested in obtaining our Ontario cockroach control service just give us a call at (909) 906-9238 today. We’d be happy to answer your questions or provide more information on our cockroach control services.

Brown Recluse Spider Control Ontario

Most people are aware of what brown recluses are but sometimes we don’t have all the facts straight. Other names that we often reference as brown recluses include:

  • The Fiddleback Spider
  • The Violin Spider
  • The Brown Fiddler

Brown recluse spiders range from ¼ inch to ¾ inches. If you spot a large brown recluse it’s most likely a female as they have bigger bodies and longer legs than the males. They are about the size of a quarter when their legs are spread.

Their body coloring varies from light tan to a deep yellow. You will be able to recognize a brown recluse by noticing the dark brown violin shape on its back. This pattern is often shiny and there are no stripes, bands, or mottling on the spider’s body. Their longs are long, thin and do not have a particular coloration pattern. They have three pairs of eyes.

Where can you find brown recluse spiders? They can be found in many places across the globe. Their earliest date of discovery in 1958 included many areas; central Texas to southern Kansas, Missouri to western Tennessee, northern Alabama and even south towards Mississippi. Ten years later they were recorded in Kentucky, Illinois and Georgia. A small two years later Nebraska, Iowa, Ohio, Florida and Indiana were discovering brown recluse spiders.

Female brown recluse spiders will typically remain close to their webs during the day but at night they leave to hunt. Their nocturnal nature allows them to scavenge for food which includes both living and dead insects. Males and older spiderlings will go further away from the web to hunt.

You probably won’t notice them much during the colder months; late fall through early spring. They emerge from hibernation during late March to mate and lay eggs from May through July.

Female brown recluses will lay around 50 eggs at a time, often in a silken sac. It takes about a month for the eggs to hatch. It takes one year before a spider becomes an adult and they live anywhere from two to four years.

Brown recluse spiders earned their name because they are reclusive by nature. They prefer secluded areas which is why you typically won’t find them in your home unless they are in a quiet, dark area. Most people discover them in their garages, sheds, or wood piles outside.

While they are poisonous spiders they won’t bite you unless you surprise them or they feel threatened. If you come across a brown recluse or what seems to be a poisonous spider please don’t hesitate and give us a call at (909) 906-9238 right away! It’s better to let a professional deal with removing it and treating the area for any other spiders nearby that have not been discovered yet.

Bed Bug Control Ontario

Not everyone believes bed bugs exist because not everyone has had an experience with them. Unfortunately, bed bugs are making a comeback in areas all across the world. For half a century the bed bug was heard only in nursery rhymes; the playful warning to not let them bite. But in reality the bed bug has been around since biblical times. But they were never really a subject of great concern here in America, until now.

A bed bug is a small brownish flattened, blood-sucking insect. Some bed bug infestations confuse people because they weren’t aware that bed bugs were infesting their home. People who believe they might possibly have a bed bug issue want help right away and that’s what we’re here for.

Once you’ve had to deal with bed bugs you will never want to endure them again. Bed bugs are one of the most disturbing pests for any person to endure. We understand your horror and concern; who wouldn’t feel this way if they had bed bugs?

The first question you probably have is where did they come from? And the second, how do you get rid of them? Bed bugs are not a pest problem to be taken lightly. You really do need a professional to take care of it because they’re very sneaky insects and can infest different parts of the home; not just your bed.

An inspection is crucial. Anything within about 10-15 feet of your bed is where the bed bug infestation is likely to be. Here’s the place you’re going to find bed bugs in your home:

  • All along the tops around the entire of your mattress.
  • Lift up the box spring and make a thorough inspection underneath.
  • Look for feces in every area you inspect. Bed bug feces are dark brown to black in color and are often discovered on your bedding.
  • Check is the nightstand. Take out the drawers and look for signs of them as well as all around the nightstand.
  • Remove the outlet covers and check for signs of bed bugs.

Most importantly look for blood stains. This is your blood that the bed bugs are feeding on while you sleep and is a common way to discover evidence of active bed bugs. Just spraying the baseboards of a home will not get rid of bed bugs. The treatment of bed bugs has changed over time because bed bugs were resistant to the typical pest solutions.

Research is still ongoing to find the best solutions for completely eradicating bed bugs so until then your best bet is calling us to help you treat your home and make it bed-bug free again. The trauma of enduring bed bugs can stay with people for a lot of time depending on the severity of their situation. So if you do believe you might have bed bugs start inspecting the areas we mentioned above then give us a call at (909) 906-9238. Let us know what you’re experiencing and what you might have found during your own inspection. When we come out we will inspect the area as well in order to determine the best treatment plan.

Ant Control Ontario

California has become a giant ant colony. Based on one species; the Argentine ant. It was first observed in California in the early 1900s. And it can be found in most urban environments from San Diego to eureka. It’s a very difficult ant to eliminate. and in fact it’s so populous that eliminating it is probably out of the question.
How much of an instruction do you want these ants to have? if they’re around your kitchen table eating your donuts in the morning, not so good. if they’re in your backyard walking around on a plant, probably not an emergency you need to deal with. In fact even if you did eliminate those they would be replaced within a day’s time with some other ants.

Ants are really the worst pest in northern California and really al of California. They come inside in the winter times, when it rains, any time the weather changes. So what we say is deal with the problems that are the most severe and deal with them in a way that makes sense for you and your family.

Gone are the days of grabbing a can of bug spray due to the toxicity of the spray. It’s toxic to our environment and spraying this in your home is not typically ideal. Or any place your pets and kids frequent. Ants are easy to kill if you spray them but controlling them through sprays is not always easy.

The ones you see are the worker ants and they are just a very small part of the population. The rest of them are in the colony, typically a remote place you are unaware of. Spraying a few ants in your kitchen might provide instant gratification and short-term control but blocking them from coming into your home is the best and most effective method of treatment.

Call (909) 906-9238 today to see how we can help with invasive and annoying ants.

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