Brown Recluse Spider Control Ontario

Most people are aware of what brown recluses are but sometimes we don’t have all the facts straight. Other names that we often reference as brown recluses include:

  • The Fiddleback Spider
  • The Violin Spider
  • The Brown Fiddler

Brown recluse spiders range from ¼ inch to ¾ inches. If you spot a large brown recluse it’s most likely a female as they have bigger bodies and longer legs than the males. They are about the size of a quarter when their legs are spread.

Their body coloring varies from light tan to a deep yellow. You will be able to recognize a brown recluse by noticing the dark brown violin shape on its back. This pattern is often shiny and there are no stripes, bands, or mottling on the spider’s body. Their longs are long, thin and do not have a particular coloration pattern. They have three pairs of eyes.

Where can you find brown recluse spiders? They can be found in many places across the globe. Their earliest date of discovery in 1958 included many areas; central Texas to southern Kansas, Missouri to western Tennessee, northern Alabama and even south towards Mississippi. Ten years later they were recorded in Kentucky, Illinois and Georgia. A small two years later Nebraska, Iowa, Ohio, Florida and Indiana were discovering brown recluse spiders.

Female brown recluse spiders will typically remain close to their webs during the day but at night they leave to hunt. Their nocturnal nature allows them to scavenge for food which includes both living and dead insects. Males and older spiderlings will go further away from the web to hunt.

You probably won’t notice them much during the colder months; late fall through early spring. They emerge from hibernation during late March to mate and lay eggs from May through July.

Female brown recluses will lay around 50 eggs at a time, often in a silken sac. It takes about a month for the eggs to hatch. It takes one year before a spider becomes an adult and they live anywhere from two to four years.

Brown recluse spiders earned their name because they are reclusive by nature. They prefer secluded areas which is why you typically won’t find them in your home unless they are in a quiet, dark area. Most people discover them in their garages, sheds, or wood piles outside.

While they are poisonous spiders they won’t bite you unless you surprise them or they feel threatened. If you come across a brown recluse or what seems to be a poisonous spider please don’t hesitate and give us a call at (909) 906-9238 right away! It’s better to let a professional deal with removing it and treating the area for any other spiders nearby that have not been discovered yet.

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