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Not everyone believes bed bugs exist because not everyone has had an experience with them. Unfortunately, bed bugs are making a comeback in areas all across the world. For half a century the bed bug was heard only in nursery rhymes; the playful warning to not let them bite. But in reality the bed bug has been around since biblical times. But they were never really a subject of great concern here in America, until now.

A bed bug is a small brownish flattened, blood-sucking insect. Some bed bug infestations confuse people because they weren’t aware that bed bugs were infesting their home. People who believe they might possibly have a bed bug issue want help right away and that’s what we’re here for.

Once you’ve had to deal with bed bugs you will never want to endure them again. Bed bugs are one of the most disturbing pests for any person to endure. We understand your horror and concern; who wouldn’t feel this way if they had bed bugs?

The first question you probably have is where did they come from? And the second, how do you get rid of them? Bed bugs are not a pest problem to be taken lightly. You really do need a professional to take care of it because they’re very sneaky insects and can infest different parts of the home; not just your bed.

An inspection is crucial. Anything within about 10-15 feet of your bed is where the bed bug infestation is likely to be. Here’s the place you’re going to find bed bugs in your home:

  • All along the tops around the entire of your mattress.
  • Lift up the box spring and make a thorough inspection underneath.
  • Look for feces in every area you inspect. Bed bug feces are dark brown to black in color and are often discovered on your bedding.
  • Check is the nightstand. Take out the drawers and look for signs of them as well as all around the nightstand.
  • Remove the outlet covers and check for signs of bed bugs.

Most importantly look for blood stains. This is your blood that the bed bugs are feeding on while you sleep and is a common way to discover evidence of active bed bugs. Just spraying the baseboards of a home will not get rid of bed bugs. The treatment of bed bugs has changed over time because bed bugs were resistant to the typical pest solutions.

Research is still ongoing to find the best solutions for completely eradicating bed bugs so until then your best bet is calling us to help you treat your home and make it bed-bug free again. The trauma of enduring bed bugs can stay with people for a lot of time depending on the severity of their situation. So if you do believe you might have bed bugs start inspecting the areas we mentioned above then give us a call at (909) 906-9238. Let us know what you’re experiencing and what you might have found during your own inspection. When we come out we will inspect the area as well in order to determine the best treatment plan.

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