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California has become a giant ant colony. Based on one species; the Argentine ant. It was first observed in California in the early 1900s. And it can be found in most urban environments from San Diego to eureka. It’s a very difficult ant to eliminate. and in fact it’s so populous that eliminating it is probably out of the question.
How much of an instruction do you want these ants to have? if they’re around your kitchen table eating your donuts in the morning, not so good. if they’re in your backyard walking around on a plant, probably not an emergency you need to deal with. In fact even if you did eliminate those they would be replaced within a day’s time with some other ants.

Ants are really the worst pest in northern California and really al of California. They come inside in the winter times, when it rains, any time the weather changes. So what we say is deal with the problems that are the most severe and deal with them in a way that makes sense for you and your family.

Gone are the days of grabbing a can of bug spray due to the toxicity of the spray. It’s toxic to our environment and spraying this in your home is not typically ideal. Or any place your pets and kids frequent. Ants are easy to kill if you spray them but controlling them through sprays is not always easy.

The ones you see are the worker ants and they are just a very small part of the population. The rest of them are in the colony, typically a remote place you are unaware of. Spraying a few ants in your kitchen might provide instant gratification and short-term control but blocking them from coming into your home is the best and most effective method of treatment.

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